Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Help for Victims of the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

As the search continues for wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, families of the victims and aviation experts are also searching for answers as to what could have caused such a disaster.

Unfortunately, the plane’s disappearance from radar without any distress signals suggests a catastrophic failure, according to Steve Marks, a partner at Podhurst Orseck, who has represented victims of similar international airline disasters, including the SilkAir crash in Asia in December 1997 and the Air France crash in the Atlantic in June 2009.

“Some of my clients, who I’ve already contacted, are reliving this,” Marks was quoted in a recent USA article about the Malaysia Airlines flight and possible causes. “They sat in the airport. No information was coming out for days.”

During such a horrific time, the thoughts and prayers of everyone at Podhurst Orseck go out to the families and passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight — as well as to the victims of other airline crashes. Our firm —  which has represented victims from of over 100 crashes, including some of the most industry-changing cases in the aviation world — has been shaped by such tragedies and our commitment to improving safety, standards and training within the aviation industry.

Foremost, victims should know there is help for them in their grief. Visit our Resources for Families page for a list of support organizations, government contacts, information on international aviation laws and detailed safety data. Also visit our News page for the latest developments on the Malaysia flight and our Firm page to learn more about the landmark cases our Miami aviation litigation firm has handled since its founding in 1967.

Please click on the below link to view Mr. Marks’ television interviews.

Malaysian Flight MH370